Aluminum siding can be challenging, but for these projects we can remove aluminum pieces with a small cut line. We can re-install these piece and seal the cut line with caulking.

Another common upgrade that we perform for clients in the Affordable Energy Program are insulation of exterior wall cavities.

This upgrade is a cost effective renovation that involves the installation of dense-pack cellulose insulation into empty wall cavity spaces. This method is effective as a retrofit because we do not need to open up the whole wall, but rather only need to make several access holes in order to insert our installation hose.

Usually, this retrofit is performed from the exterior of the home, with minimal disruption to the inside living space. We access cavities by removing vinyl siding, wood siding, or through a stucco finish. After completing the work, we re-install the same siding material, or re-stucco the area.

In a standard 2×4 wall cavity space, this upgrade will add R12.6 to these areas.

Qualifying customers will have the entire retrofit cost covered by the Affordable Energy Program!

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