Sundial’s unique building systems have been devised with our cold Manitoba climate in mind and have a vast array of potential applications. Below is just a small sample of the possibilities!

Check out the Custom Homes section to learn about an impressive Sundial Building Systems project!


First Nations

The need for better quality housing in Manitoba’s First Nations communities is well documented. Sundial is actively seeking to collaborate with First Nations to provide high quality, durable, low energy, housing & community buildings that tread lightly on the land. Our design details and production processes allow us to produce buildings of exceptional quality at an affordable price. Our homes provide superior comfort while using very little energy allowing precious financial resources to be used elsewhere in the community.

Our modular designs allow flexibility as the needs of the community change over time. A spectrum of production models can allow for varying degrees of construction and assembly to be completed in the community creating local employment opportunities.


Remote Employee Housing

Our designs are exceptionally well suited to remote housing needs. Our simple, low energy designs reduce operating and maintenance costs which are of particular importance in areas without a local service industry. Comfortable spaces and stylish designs provide employee satisfaction while thoughtful design and extremely low carbon construction and operation allow your organization to meet sustainability goals.


Construction Housing & Site Offices

Comfortable, well rested staff means greater productivity. Our high performance, low energy buildings are very well suited for use on remote construction sites and work camps where labour costs are high and energy is often in limited supply. We will work with you to create customized housing units, lunchrooms, workshops, and site office buildings to suit the needs of your site.


Custom Homes

Our production process is well suited to the precision construction of custom homes of simple and complex designs.  We suggest contacting us early in the design process so your designer can leverage our expertise in terms of optimizing for performance and cost.  If you have yet to hire an design consultant, we can likely help introduce you to an architect or qualified interior designer well suited to your project allowing us to work together as a team to achieve your project goals.

Project Photos and Details

  • Aspen Root Passive Home - "Comfortable, Sustainable, Affordable" only begins to describe this exciting Sundial Building Systems project...
  • Complete Building Envelope Retrofit - The building envelope of this home was dismantled down to the structural framing and rebuilt in a new and improved way...


Educational Building

What better place to demonstrate buildings that use minimal energy while providing maximum comfort than in those occupied by our youth and future leaders.  Our modular system is particularly well suited to smaller schools, portable classrooms, and remote educational buildings.


Medical Clinics

Our robust designs and ventilation systems that provide 100% fresh air through the ventilation ductwork are very well suited for remote and temporary medical clinics.


Multi-Unit Residences

Our process is well suited to small and larger residential projects.  Revisions to the building codes in most Canadian provinces including Manitoba are soon to allow the construction of buildings up to 6 stories tall using our wood based building system.  Our modular production process allows for the simultaneous construction of the building modules while site preparation is underway minimizing the time from breaking ground to occupancy.  Factory production brings cost certainty and minimizes the effect of adverse weather on the construction schedule.  We look forward to being part of your construction team.