Sundial is in continual pursuit of more sustainable building options particularly suited for our climate.

Our basic objectives include reducing the required amount of required heating and cooling energy, improving occupant comfort, and increasing building durability. We also seek to achieve these objectives while making sustainable material choices.

After assessing dozens of high performance wall assemblies, window installation details, and building connection details we have developed simple, high performance, durable and cost effective construction details and production processes particularly suited for our cold climate.

Our modern modular production process allows us to provide careful attention to all aspects of construction and achieve a level of precision not possible with traditional construction methods. Each project is individually analyzed and production is planned in such a way as to maximize the benefits of the factory production process allowing for your project to be completed to precise specifications on time.

Experienced production managers oversee your project from construction drawings through to final assembly and on site finishing. Air tightness verification testing is completed on all buildings prior to completion and mechanical ventilation systems are precisely balanced ensuring the right amount of fresh air is silently distributed to all areas of your building.


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