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How Does The Business Process Work?
Methods of Payment Accepted?
Are There Subsidies or Financing Available For My Project
Who Are Your Typical Clients?


How Does The Business Process Work?

  1.  Client contacts Sundial Building Performance: A potential client fills out a form through our website highlighting their needs and objectives.
  2. Follow Up: A Sundial Building Performance Project Consultant receives the project information, and follows up within 1 day.
  3. Phone discussion: As much as possible, the Project Consultant has a detailed discussion of the project over the phone, taking the time to gain a thorough understanding of the scope of the project, and the customer’s needs, objectives, and budget.
    The desire here is to establish a “fit” from which we can move forward.
  4. On-Site Consultation: An on-site visible inspection and further discussion of the project.
    We provide the client with verbal & written recommendations on how to proceed with a detailed quote for upgrades.

    Note: Fees may apply to some on-site consultation, and would be discussed and agreed to prior to the visit.
  5. Scheduling a project: If the customer would like to proceed with our quotation, we will schedule the work.
  6. Complete the work: We will complete all the work as specified in the quotation.


Methods of Payment Accepted?

We accept a variety of payments for projects completed including:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • E-mail Interac transfer
  • Visa (3% additional charge).


Are There Subsidies or Financing Available For My Project?

There are two Manitoba Hydro programs that can provide a subsidy of some, or all of your efficiency upgrade including:

Affordable Energy Program

Home Insulation Program

There are also financing options from MB Hydro, which include the Power Smart Loan and PAYS.


Who are your typical clients?

Although each job varies, some common characteristics of our clients include:

  • People that love their existing property and don’t want to move but desire to improve the functionality, energy-efficiency, and comfort of their building.
  • Building owners that are ready to do a major aesthetic upgrade that learn that it makes sense to increase the efficiency of their home at the same time.
  • Those that qualify for one of the Manitoba Hydro Programs and are eligible for substantial rebates from one of the programs
  • Owners of buildings that have high energy costs, seasonal ice-damming, inconsistent temperatures throughout the home or other performance issues.