This is a dugout area that received spray-foam insulation with a required fire-proofing treatment. The fire-proofing dries to finish similar to a stuccoed look.

Insulation upgrades to half-height foundation areas, which are common in crawlspaces and dugout basements, are also covered under the Affordable Energy Program.

Due to challenging working spaces, and often un-even surfaces, applying 2 pound polyurethane spray-foam to these surfaces is the most cost effective means of providing a thermal barrier to these spaces.

Under the program, we apply R24 worth of 2 pound polyurethane spay-foam insulation to qualifying areas.

If the area is attached to a living space or mechanical room, there is a requirement to apply a fire-proofing barrier. This barrier leaves a similar finished texture to that of a stuccoed surface. Occasionally, it is appropriate to use drywall as this barrier.

Qualifying individuals can benefit from a free insulation upgrade to their crawlspace and/or dugout area!

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