complete building envelope retrofit

The building envelope of this home was dismantled down to the structural framing and rebuilt in a new and improved way.

It features “Passive House Inspired” upgrades which include a durable plywood air / vapour barrier ( with specialized tape for seams ), Larsen-wall truss system, and specialized window detailing with high-efficiency windows.

The roof was completely rebuilt, with a long-lasting, custom metal-roof.

The foundation was water & drainage proofed with with R-40 sub-grade EPS added.

The walls received an additional R-43 worth of dense-pack cellulose insulation.

The attic spaces received and additional R-90 worth of loose-fill cellulose insulation.

Mechanical upgrades included an HRV system with ground-loop coil to precondition incoming air, and a solar vacuum tube collector system.

This project highlights future possibilities for energy efficient housing and comfortable living!

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