For open attics, we install loose-fill cellulose insulation over top of existing insulation, achieving an end result of R50 worth of insulation.

Under the Affordable Energy Program, we also perform attic insulation upgrades to both open attic spaces and half-story attic spaces.

This upgrade involves air-sealing major penetration points such as wires at lights, plumbing stacks, chimneys, exterior wall top-plate gaps, partition wall gaps, and building / sealing the attic hatch & crib. In addition, we assess the ventilation and add roof vents and / or soffit chutes, as needed. Insulated vent lines and exhaust vents are also a part of these upgrades.

We insulate flat attic areas to achieve R50, by adding loose-fill cellulose insulation. Knee-wall areas are generally completed to achieve R24, by adding dense-pack cellulose insulation, as well as air-sealing joist cavity spaces at knee-walls. Slanted ceilings (cathedral ceilings) that are empty, get upgraded with dense-pack cellulose insulation in a similar fashion to wall cavities.

Overall this upgrade is a cost-effective means of providing a better thermal barrier, creating additional comfort, as well as cutting down on energy costs.

The nice part is that these types of upgrades are free for qualifying customer under the Affordable Energy Program.

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